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Antiq is a natural hand-sanded leather, dyed later, and does not have any additional finish. Due to its naturalness it may show some marks produced during the life of the animal: fire marks, insect bites, scars, etc. All these natural marks and the finish of this leather make each piece unique and unrepeatable. In no case these marks can be considered as a defect of the leather, on the contrary, it is what makes this leather so special.




Composition: 100% Natural Leather.

Ideal for armchairs such as Astoria, Aston, Nina or Kangou.

Available in 10 different colours.

The leather should only be treated with cleansers supplied by the leather manufacturer.

Made in Spain.

Series 6 fabric.




Icono - Piel


100% Natural leather


50.000 cycles

Recommended for the use of:

Back cushions, Sofa base, Armchairs, Small cushions, Chairs

Cleaning standards

Only use leather moisturising and cleaning products supplied by leather manufacturers.

Cleaning advice

Leather Antiq is a very natural and delicate leather, and this contributes to its lovely look and touch. This leather is not rectified, so it may present certain marks produced throughout the life of the animal.

Regarding its cleaning, it is very important to be aware that since it does not have any varnish or any other type of finish, the stains may penetrate in the leather easily, and the use of any cleaning product, even the leather specific ones may remove the colour. Even the cleaning with water must be made only when necessary and wiping very softly not to harm the leather.

There are protector creams speific for leather that can be used with this leather to keep it in good condition for a long time. The product recommended by the manufacturer for leather Antiq Colonial is Ecoguard Nubuck Protector from Fenice.

Weekly care of leather furniture:

1. Wipe gently with a dry cloth to remove the dust.

2. This leather is extremely delicate, so it is very important to take good care of it and avoid any type of stain to be produced.

3. In case that a stain was accidentally produced, try to clean it using a damp cloth wiping softly so as not to remove the leather colour.

Maintenance every 3/6 months:

Every 3/6 months it is good to use the protector cream recommended by the leather manufacturer. In this case: Ecoguard Nubuck Protector from Fenice.


1. Try to keep the sofa at a minimum distance of 70cm from any source of direct heat. The long term exposure to heat will dry and damage the leather.

2. All leathers give a better result when they receive a more or less frequent preventive care. In the case of this leather, apply the specific leather protective cream on the surface every 3-6 months to make it more resistant to all kinds of stains. Pay attention to the areas most exposed by the use, such as seats, arm pads and the top of the back.

3. To clean the leather weekly, just wipe gently with a cloth. The soft brush accessory of the vacuum cleaner might also be used very carefully to remove the dust in some cases (allergies, etc).

4. Avoid placing the furniture under direct sunlight. This leather, since it does not have any finish, is specially light-sensitive. It may fade or lose its colour due to exposure to direct sunlight.

5. Do not apply any chemical cleaning product to the leather. Remember that this leather is very delicate, so it is recommended to clean it regularly with a dry cloth, or slightly damp, in order not to harm the leather colour.

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