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Virtual simulators and 3D

Do you want to see in a very realistic way how your sofa will look with any fabric on it?

Now, besides imagining your sofa, you can also see how it will look.

In the last few years, 3D technology has been very present in Fama. We have seen the great success of our 3D simulator, which allows our customers placing orders in a very intuitive and visual way, viewing how the sofa they order will look before producing it. 

Simulador 3D
Simulador 3D

With the new Fama 3D simulator, you can create your simulations of sofas including also chairs, tables or rugs. You can also rotate and see the simulations from all views.

It is slightly more complicated than the other simulator but it offers many more possibilities).

3D MyHome Fama Design
3D MyHome Fama Design

Fama adds its designs to the digital library 3Dfrom Tilelook, and creates a personalised design area called MYHOME FAMA DESIGN, where customers, distributors, designers, etc, can create environments using our products and get a realistic quality render.