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Luis J. Soriano Moreno

Luis J. Soriano Moreno

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New store in Barcelona: Famaliving Via Augusta

Famaliving has a new store located on the bustling Via Augusta in Barcelona. Faced with space limitations at the Famaliving Muntaner store, it has bee...


Famaliving sofas at the C.B. Tizona Burgos court

Famaliving Burgos and the Basketball Club Tizona Burgos have joined forces this season to offer team fans the opportunity to watch games from the utmo...


New Famaliving store in Lleida!

Famaliving continues to open new retail locations with the inauguration of Famaliving Lleida. With a spacious showroom, Famaliving Lleida is set to be...


Famaliving Bilbao, sponsor of Surne Bilbao Basket

Bilbao Basket and Famaliving Bilbao have signed an agreement for official sponsorship during the current season of the ACB league.The Famaliving Bilba...


Famaliving sofas at the Euskalduna Palace in Bilbao

Famaliving Bilbao was present at the event organized by stylist Raúl de Andrea in the upper part of the Euskalduna Palace, right in the heart of the ...


Beneficios para la salud de los sillones relax

En este artículo os venimos a hablar de un tema desconocido para muchos: la relación entre los sillones relax y la salud. Cuando pensamos en adquiri...