Products available in Famaliving Xátiva

In Famaliving Xátiva you will find a great variety of sofas, armchairs and accessories. Also corner sofas to create different compositions choosing the number of modules that best suit your home.
The corner groups offer us lots of different options: sofas, modular sofas, with chaisse longue, sofas combined with armchairs, etc. These models are Arianne Love, Bari, Calessi, Helsinki, Opera, Pacific and Panky.
In addition, the modular programmes Loto, Altea and Urban have the option of recliner modules.
Regarding sofa beds, you can find model Bolero.
Armchairs like Bonne, Kim and Moon are some of the recliner options most demanded in our store.  Kangou and Lenny are some of the armchairs available both in leather and in fabric.