The new Monde collection is now available in the Famaliving stores

The new designs of the 2019 Fama 'Monde Collection' have been arriving to all our Famaliving stores in the last few weeks. Sofas with a common feature: your comfort.

LuciPop is a very daring modular sofa which will undoubtedly mark a milestone in the world of upholstered furniture. A simple model of great comfort and very easy-to-fit removable covers. With these loose covers at a very affordable price, you will be able to change the look of your living room whenever you want. The modules are available in two different heights that can be combined to create the composition that best adapts to the style of your room.

Dali and Gala, are the other two most important new additions to the collection. Two models of sofa-bed which do not look like sofa-beds until you open their exclusive Italian bed mechanism. They stand out due to their great visual lightness, Gala with a modern design and slightly curved arms, and Dali with a soberer style and straight arms.

In addition, apart from the new designs of sofas, you cannot miss the new Wander and La Ligne 29 collections of exclusive fabrics. Wander Edition is a collection designed by the graphic designer J.M Azorin, the designs of this special edition are inspired by memories of his trips around the world.

And La Ligne 29 Edition is a collection that will not leave anyone indifferent, born from the imagination of the artist Benedicte Piccolillo, and inspired by the world of Tattoo, combining Renaissance paintings and industrial images with an impressive result.

These two collections are complemented with new plain and exclusive patterned fabrics and will let you customise your new sofas and chairs.