Discover new ways of sitting

It is remarkable how everybody, when they are buying a sofa, try the comfort sitting as if they were in the hospital’s waiting room.

As designers, we have always been curious and have tried to analyse people’s behavior at home. The details are overwhelming: up to a certain age, almost everyone tends to lie down on the sofa, they rarely sit.

Then, the truth is that we chose the sofa trying it in a way (sitting down), and then we use it in a different way (lying down)...

Although none of the two options rules out the other, we have always designed sofas and armchairs to lie down on them, they are designed to enjoy at home.

The best example of this philosophy is model Manacor; those who have it at home know how enjoyable it is, and those who have not tried it yet doesn’t know what they are missing. Just changing the position of the back cushions you can get an amazing comfort: leaning back, lying down, lying down with your feet up...

Manacor is one of Fama classics; designed ten years ago it remains no. two selling model worldwide.