Famalover Suitcases

During the last fair where we exhibited, Colonia, we had a few situations which made us think about something we had never thought before.

First, at the airport they broke a suitcase (to be more exact they bursted it). Besides we had to bring in some members of our staff who were not used to travel by plane, and some of their pieces of luggage were not suitable for the treatment they usually receive at airports. Finally we noticed that despite the hard work involved in a fair (build up, fair days and dismantling), many of these staff members enjoyed the experience a lot.

With these three facts in mind we started thinking about starting two new projects; firstly, that the company bought the suitcases for all those who travel regularly, and secondly, to organize a system to enable us to take different staff members to the International fairs so that little by little most of them could attend. Both ideas have been successful. We have already bought the suitcases in our corporate turquoise blue, and being as “fussy” as we are, we have decorated them with the Famalover logos. The result is spectacular.

We have also started the second project, so in the next Milan fair there will be 26 people from Fama visiting the fair at some point. And in the next trade fairs people from the administrative and commercial departments, as well as people from our technical office (we are already 42 people in these departments) will be rotating and will attend to the shows along with the export managers of each area. Our intention is to continue this adventure with people from the factory, starting with the oldest workers of the company.

We are sure that the experience will be good for the "new travelers"; on the one hand they will see that it is not true what everyone thinks when people go to fairs: "hey, lucky you, you are going on vacation again...” . They will see that attending to a trade fair is not synonymous with partying (many of them will come during the weekend and will be able to see how hard it is to dismantle the stand). But perhaps the most beautiful experience is that they will feel that they are part of this wonderful team that we have in Fama Sofas, which every day is becoming a stronger international brand in the world of sofas.

At this point, perhaps the happiest are the suitcases manufacturers, since we have already bought more than 60 Famalover suitcases (both large and small), and have them ready to travel the world.