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Garantía imagen
Generally, in most countries the minimum guaranty by law is two years.

Fama Sofas offer the following guaranties:
    • Frames and seat suspensions carries lifetime guarantee.
    • Batteries are guaranteed for a year.
    • Mechanisms, 5 years guaranty.
    • Rest of the sofa, 2 years guaranty that can be extended another 6 months by activating it in the website.

    It is important to point out that our complete production process is certified in the ISO 9001 regulation by AENOR-IQNET. We were the first Spanish company who obtained this certification 16 years ago. This ensures that all processes are controlled and audited. All raw materials are top quality and meet the highest quality standards (as an interesting fact, all the screws used are made in Spain orthe EU, we avoid imported raw materials of doubtful quality that always end up breaking).

    sofa, we specify basically all the details required by the current regulation, but above all what guides us is honesty, a concept that rules our philosophy. This means that we will always try to solve any reasonable incidence, regardless of the time passed. Our aim is never leaving any of our customers unsatisfied.