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Useful tips for your sofa or armchair maintenance:

When washing the covers in the washing machine, it is recommended to wash them inside-out to prevent the zip and velcro from damaging the fabric.

We advise you to make a washing test with only one cover before washing all the covers in the washing machine (provided that the fabric allows washing).

If the fabric of your sofa is made of chenille, it is important to keep in mind that with time and use some marks or changes of colour may appear. It is very important to follow the cleaning instructions from the manufacturer of the fabric.

These are the meanings of the different symbols:

Dry cleaning Dry cleaning

Hand cleaning Hand cleaning
30º washing 30º washing

40º washing 40º washing

Do not tumble-dry Do not tumble-dry

Cool iron 110º max Cool iron 110º max

Warm iron 150º max Warm iron 150º max

Do not iron Do not iron

Do not bleach Do not bleach

If your sofa or armchair has any complex mechanism, you will find a leaflet with instructions of use together with this label. If you have any query or needfurther information, you can contact the retailer where you purchased the product or visit our website

In the Frequently Asked Questions (faq) section you will find explanatory videos to respond to the most common questions about the sofas and armchairs.

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