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Fama Sofas S.L. gives this product the following guarantee from the purchase date:  

Frame: Lifetime guarantee.
Seat Suspension/webbing: 10 years guarantee.
Rest of the product: 2 years guarantee. 

During the guarantee period, any defect including the replacement of any part will be repaired after being inspected by Fama Sofas S.L. Should the previous options be excessive or impossible, a discount will be agreed with the customer. Before repairing or replacing any faulty item, Fama Sofas S.L. has the right to inspect it to assess the origin of the defect or fault, in order to decide if the item should be repaired and the best way to do it.

The guarantee holder must contact the retailer within two weeks after noticing the fault or defect of  the product. In case of any defect or damage in the item, the guarantee holder must contact the retailer, who will forward the complaint to Fama Sofas S.L. Should you not be able to contact the retailer, please contact Fama Sofas S.L. directly at: or P.O. Box 41, 30510 Yecla, Murcia, Spain. The guarantee will not cover any damage caused by incorrect installation, misuse, abuse or wrong handling of the product. Fama Sofas, S.L. will not accept any claim for damage on fabrics caused by cleaning with abrasive products or any type of cleaning different from the one indicated in the label.

We extend your guarantee for another 6 months.

If you activate your guarantee in our website: we will immediately extend it for another 6 months.

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