The Wonder Sofas.

The Beginning
 It is always been said that to know where we are going, it is necessary to look back and to see where we came from. This is what we have been doing in Famaliving during this week. 

It all started when by chance I found this photograph wandering around the office. 

 Fama Sofás Modelo Gilda

It is the model Gilda, one of the first designs carried out by our designer Félix López Gil, when he just came from the office after finishing his degree in Design, in the late 70s.

It was then that we decided to look in our old catalogues from the 70s-90s, where we could see the evolution followed by our brand during our first two decades.

This post is dedicated to the beginning of Fama Sofás and the first models.

Back in the 70s, when the company was created, we did not know the style we would follow.  We have only a few people in the company and none of them had any experience as a designer. Nevertheless, we started to visit showrooms, as the Colonia Trade Fair or the Milan Trade Fair. This helped us to take some ideas and to know more about the furniture market, in which we still were a bit “green”. Thanks to this visits, we gave birth to our first models, as A-71, and A-72.
Fama Sofás Modelo A 71 Fama Sofás Modelo A 72

Other models to keep in mind are RA-35, the first Fama’s modular composition, the GT-20 our first sofa-bed, or the Arabia, which inspired us to create, 20 years later, the Oasis model. You can compare them below. 

Fama Sofás model RA-35 Fama Sofás Model GT-20
Fama Sofás Model Arabia Fama Sofás Modelo Oasis

One of the key people during those times in our company was Juan Martínez. We should go back to 1969, when Félix López Serrano, a founder partner of Fama Sofás, hired a seventeen-year old young man (now 71). Juan had the courage to leave the company where he was working as upholsterer and designer. Then he started a new experience in Fama Sofás, with he designed very characteristic sofas, such as Palma or the first Cádiz model. It must be said that Antonio López, actual partner of Fama Sofás also dared to make a stand for design, as we can see in the corner sofa Iris
Fama Sofás Juan Martínez
Fama Sofás Model Iris.
Fama Sofás Model Palma Fama Sofás Model Cádiz

We consider this times as a learning stage. They were key moments for the development of the coming events. In the 80s, changes came into Fama Sofás. But we will tell more about this in our next post. And what about you? Which of our old models do you like the most? 
And what about you?  Which of our old models do you like the most? 
manolo 18/09/2014
A mi el modelo que mas me gusta es la rinconera palma es un modelo que me trae munchos recuerdos buenos. A lo largo de todos lo años que llevo como tapicero es un modelo que siempre se a echo y aun sique alguno por hay. Sobre este modelo se han sacado infinidad de versiones un saludo.
Toni Famaliving 18/09/2014
Manolo, muchas gracias por tu comentario. Nos ha hecho mucha ilusión el hecho de que te traiga tan buenos recuerdos, y sobre todo conocer tu opinión como experto en el tema. ¡Mil gracias y un saludo!
JPC 18/09/2014
Interesantísimo artículo Toni, well done!
Minino 19/09/2014
ese estilo A 71, me acuerdo yo, en casa de mis abuelos..., me encantaba de pequeño hacerlo sonar con el trasero!
AM 19/09/2014
Interesante post!Enhorabuena. Me quedo con el Oasis, en la onda mas "in" del momento.
Toni Famaliving 19/09/2014
Muchas gracias a todos por vuestros comentarios!!:) La semana que viene tocan los años 80! ¡¡Estad atentos!!
D.M.S. 20/09/2014
Buen artículo Toni. Además se ve como Fama ha sido innovador siempre y ha aportado diseños que eran adelantados para su época y que al final han hecho evolucionar el mercado. De hecho alguno de estos modelos todavía se podrían vender seguramente. Un saludo!! 17/11/2016
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