The MOON-ninas, a piece of art.

As well as the painting by Velázquez, Moon is an authentic wonder, an armchair with very peculiar shapes. As well as the painting is open to different interpretations, Moon offers different versions for every taste.

It is available in the reclining version or fixed. And it can be upholstered in fabric or leather. It has tight measures, specially in depth. It has two arm cushions that provide a great comfort. In addition it is very useful as “nursing armchair”. MOON by FAMA has a curved armrest that helps us placing the baby in our lap. Its rocking system will also help us to rock the baby. Armchair Moon will make you feel like a princess. Like a court of Maids would do, Moon by Fama will rock you, helping you to lean back and giving you an extraordinary rest. Although a piece of art like this could be found in any museum, you will find it displayed in FAMALIVING LAS ROZAS.

The sales team will be delighted to guide you through a model which will impress everybody thanks to its comfort and design.
Santolini 16/11/2015
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